Next Steps: Understanding your Assessment

Tampa Chamber Exclusive:
Now that you have your TriMetrix® EQ Assessment, here are your next steps!

Having your assessment results is the first step in understanding your EQ. To help you take your knowledge even further, we have created three options, exclusively available to Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce members, to help you get the most from your assessment results.

Choose one of the options below and discover:

  • HOW you behave and communicate — DISC assessment
  • WHY you move into action — Workplace Motivators® assessment
  • DO you actively apply the principles of emotional intelligence — TTI EQ assessment

Exclusive GTCC EQ Packages

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Understanding EQ and your assessment results in key to successfully harnessing the knowledge you have gained. Use the link below to schedule a 10-15 minute call with our team, and we’s love to answer any questions you may have.

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An Even Deeper Look: Expanded Trimetrix® EQ Assessment Results


SAVE $75! At more than 50 pages, your expanded results provide an in-depth look into your EQ including 5 sections: Behaviors, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence, as well as two integrated sections. The first integrated section combines Behavioral and Motivational feedback and the second combines feedback from all three areas.

Expanded Trimetrix® EQ Assessment results PLUS, Personal Debrief, 30 Day Action Plan and follow up call.


SAVE $100! Get the most from your assessment. In addition to your expanded results, work with one of our experienced coaches to better understand your assessment and how to harness the power of understanding your EQ. You will also receive a 30 Day Action Plan and follow up call to keep your goals on track.