Many people seem to feel hopeless when they talk about millennials and their work ethic. This, however, is not my experience as I love coaching millennials.

Through my coaching company, Plan to Lead, I have had the pleasure of coaching dozens of millennials. My experience with them has been pleasant.

Remembering some of the millennial business owners and leaders I have worked with leaves me in awe of how much they have accomplished over the years. Many of them came from very humble beginnings where it could have been easy to get into a lazy habit, but this is not their story.

Instead, these individuals have built incredible companies and teams, many whose names will be on the list of fastest growing companies for years to come. What impresses me most though, are these three attributes.

1.   Hungry

Millennials are incredibly hungry for personal and professional development. In fact, 87 percent of millennials say professional development is important to them in a job, compared to non-millennials who sit at 69 percent.

This age group doesn’t want to wait around decades for an opportunity to be developed, they want it now. It’s not that they feel they are entitled to it, but career development shows that the company is invested in them.

They want to know there is a path forward. If you don’t give them a path forward, they will find another path.

When coaching millennials they are typically excited to grow, and are grateful that the company believes in and is investing in them.

2.  Humble

I am sure that there is a subset of every age group that feels entitled, but this is not my experience with millennials. My experience with them shows that they don’t think know it all, which is helpful in the coaching relationship because they are most open to being coached.

During my coaching calls there are a few things that stand out to show they are humble.

1.      They ask a lot of questions

2.      They ask if I have any thoughts or insights on the situation

3.      They acknowledge that they may have a blind spot

4.      They listen

Studies laid out in a Forbes article also back this notion that millennials are a humble generation when it comes to work. Compared to other age groups, millennials rated their skills lower. This shows these younger adults may in fact have good self-awareness, which translates into humility.

3.   Hustle

This is the one that has stood out the most to me. The millennials I work with work hard. They are not just passing the time or milking the clock, they are getting the job done.

All the companies that we have worked with have had seasons of growth. These millennial leaders are leading their departments, helping out other areas when needed, and learning new skills all at the same time.

Millennials make up the largest demographic, which means they are not going away anytime soon. I am looking forward to continuing coaching millenials and seeing what this generation who hustle, are humble, and hungry accomplishes.