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Marriage Checkup: Six Questions

Do you ever wonder how your marriage is doing? I mean, really doing. I’m someone who enjoys knowing where I stand. I remember asking my wife a while ago if she felt like I made her a priority. Her answer: “Sometimes.” Ouch! It was hard to hear that. But it would have been far worse […]


Overcome Your Fears

Do you remember when you were a kid and you had huge dreams? Maybe you are still a kid; regardless, I hope your dreams are huge. What was your biggest dream when you were a kid? Depending on what generation you grew up in, you may have wanted to be an astronaut, doctor, or professional athlete, […]

How to Become a Morning Person

Typically people distinguish themselves as either a morning person or night person as if it is something etched in stone. Many people can switch from being a night owl to become a morning person. I noticed recently that I was unhappy with my productivity. My productivity was by no means horrible, but I knew there […]


Give Priority to Your Marriage

Three Reasons to Give Priority to Your Marriage If you ask most people if their marriage is a top priority, they would probably answer yes. Yet when you look around at the conditions of many marriages, this does not seem to be the case. I remember a season when my wife and I were not […]