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Creating Space for what Matters Most

We all start off our weeks believing we will be able to get to the things that are most important. Why then at the end of the week are we no closer to achieving what is most important to us? Besides my relationship with God, there is nothing more important to me than my wife, […]

Why Failure Does Not Have to Be Final

When many people fail, it seems to knock the wind out of them. While none of us like to fail, we can grow from it. Being a twin, I always had a friend growing up. We would share birthdays, ride bikes down to the nearest video store, and play together. I remember our sixteenth birthday; […]

How to Change When Change is Hard

Over the last few years, I have read a number of books and listened to many teachings on change. A few of the books that I have perused include Relaunch, Leading Change Without Losing, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. I learned quite a bit from these titles, especially those that were […]

Step-By-Step Guide to Financial Freedom

Finance is one of the areas where most people know what needs to be done, but they simply don’t do it. The inevitable result is stress, loss of time, and regret. When I was in my early adult years, like many others I got into a little financial trouble. From a mathematical point of view, […]