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3 Ways Executives Can Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an incredibly important topic in today’s business world as it should be. Companies that have high employee engagement are 40% more profitable and 78% more productive than companies that don’t. Time to learn how to improve employee engagement. When it comes down to how to engage employees many studies and articles point […]

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3 Reasons Why I Love Coaching Millennials

Many people seem to feel hopeless when they talk about millennials and their work ethic. This, however, is not my experience as I love coaching millennials. Through my coaching company, Plan to Lead, I have had the pleasure of coaching dozens of millennials. My experience with them has been pleasant. Remembering some of the millennial […]

Three Simple Questions To Help Discover Your Purpose

In a world where you can fall into many different manholes, it can become increasingly difficult to find your purpose. What has God put you on earth to do? I believe we are all responsible to show and share God’s love, but there is an individual purpose for each person. Many people, including those who […]