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Three Simple Questions To Help Discover Your Purpose

In a world where you can fall into many different manholes, it can become increasingly difficult to find your purpose. What has God put you on earth to do? I believe we are all responsible to show and share God’s love, but there is an individual purpose for each person. Many people, including those who […]

When to Say No

Like many people, I am a recovering people pleaser. Typically it’s easier for me to just say yes to people’s request, but it is not always healthy. I remember the first time I had to say no to a good friend of mine, it was a little tough. There was something they wanted me to […]

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Accomplish More By Focusing On Less

There can be a myriad of things trying to get our attention, and consequently pulling us away from the things we want to accomplish. Over the last few years, I have set many personal and professional goals. My personal goals usually revolve around my key relationships and family goals, while my professional ones are around […]