Discover Your Purpose

In a world where you can fall into many different manholes, it can become increasingly difficult to find your purpose. What has God put you on earth to do? I believe we are all responsible to show and share God’s love, but there is an individual purpose for each person.

Many people, including those who are people of faith, struggle with the topic of purpose. This is why Rick Warren sold millions of copies of his book “The Purpose-Driven Life.”

Rick’s book is not the only book that helps you dig a little deeper and uncover your purpose. In John Maxwell’s book, Intentional Living, he lays out three questions to help you discover what you are called to do.

1. What do you cry about?

What breaks your heart when you see it firsthand or hear about it from another person? There may be many things that can get you emotional, but we are specifically looking for that which touches your very soul.

2. What do you sing about?

What makes you excited when you see it or hear about it? What brings you great joy?

For me, I love to see people come to God and reach their potential. Recently, I had a good friend finish out his Master’s electrical license, as soon as I heard about it my heart got excited. I love seeing people reach their God-given potential personally and professionally.

3. What do you dream about?

Do you have a dream in your heart? Something that will add value to others and excited you? If you are constantly dreaming about something that will add value to others, that could be a glimpse into a part of your purpose.

John Maxwell mentions that many people may not have a dream in their hearts. If this is your situation, he encourages you to come alongside someone else’s dream.

Your purpose should always contain adding value to others. I would love to hear what are your answers to the three questions.