In sports, the players typically recognized are the stars; the players that have the best stats at the end of the year. Well, what about the rest of the team?

Growing up, I loved to watch the NBA. Michael Jordan was my favorite player and was the most popular player of his era. Yet, Jordan was not alone. The Bulls had a dynasty that rested on Jordan’s shoulders, but there were other team members that made consistent Championships a possibility. I believe the same is true in other organizations. For a team to win, it has to have more than just stars, they need ideal team players.

In this series of posts, I will lay out some keys to look for in an ideal team player.

  1. Invest.
  • In your team

A team player is someone who recognizes, believes in, and leverages the strength of the team and its members. They are not blinded by pride and believe the statement that we are better together is true.

Paraphrasing my favorite leader, Jesus, he tells to live a life of serving others, this includes those you work with. A true team player.

A true team player leverages their influence and strengths to help the team individually and collectively.  One of the key ways they do this is uniquely caring for and encourage their fellow team members.

They care for team members whenever others are going through a difficult time personally or professionally. They point out when other team members are doing a good job and encourage them to keep it up. As Andy Stanley is known for saying, “if your leadership is not about you, it will go way beyond you.”

  • In yourself

Not only should you invest in your team, you should invest in yourself to help you become the optimal team member.

This could include hiring a coach to help you stay sharp and hit your personal and professional goals. Or you may need to acquire or sharpen a skill by investing in training or in courses which is a great way to do that. Don’t rely on the organization for all of your development. Even beyond coaching and training, simply reading development books and listening to a podcast is a great way for you to improve yourself which will ultimately lead to you being a better team player.

After reading through this post, I want to encourage you to reflect on whether or not you are investing in your team and yourself. If not, pick something you can do in each area to get you on the road to becoming a great team player.