Thanks to the popularity of social media, we are able to get a sneak peek into the life of others. Although in the midst of seeing so much, we can be left with the feeling that something is missing.

I personally love the advantages that technology and social media afford to us. Without it, I may not have been able to locate my half-sister. With that being said, I think there are some are some things that we have to be careful of.

Just before writing this post, I was looking at my social media feed. In the feed I noticed a couple capturing an important moment in their lives. In the same photo, there were multiple other people doing the same thing.

It was a little strange to see people capturing the same moment for themselves in the same photo. It left me wondering if there was a difference between two different experiences.

1. Capturing the moment:

Capturing the moment is a very common thing these days. All over social media, we see pictures of others family life, important moments, dinner, animals, and vacations.

These pictures are put out there for everyone to see and enjoy. Sometimes we get jealous of others “highlight reels.” There are times and places for capturing the moment, but if we are not careful we can miss out on something far more important.

2. Captivated by the moment:

Capturing the moment on social media can sometimes come at the cost of being captivated by the moment. We are having an incredible moment in real life, and then we pause something epic, so we can capture it for others.

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Beyond this, it can cost you engaging deeply at the moment and following it wherever it may lead. That simple moment may have turned into something unforgettable.

I am not negating the need for capturing moments, but it’s not worth losing moments that were meant for those who are currently present. I heard someone say today, “Wherever you are be all there.”

What would happen if for one month you decided that instead of trying to capture the moment, you would embrace being captivated by the moment? 

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