I love conversations with people who care about me and are willing to ask the tough questions. These people care enough about you to see the good in you but desire to pull out the great.

I just had one of those conversations the other day with someone. They were trying to challenge me to be the very best version of myself; the one God created me to be.

During the conversation, we talked about quite a few topics and then something that was said stood out to me. In essence, they asked me what one thing in my life, if changed, would have the biggest impact.

This got me thinking about different areas of my life and what one thing for specific areas of life, if changed, would make a significant difference.

1. What one thing in your marriage/relationships?

Is there one thing in your marriage, if you improved, that would make a huge difference? The one thing could be not being on your computer or phone when you are home. Maybe it is getting better at recognizing the small things other people do for you and pointing them out.

Could it be the romance is waning, and you need to start having date nights again?

2. What one thing in your health?

I grew up in a house that had dozens of cartons of ice cream in the freezer, you heard it right, DOZENS. While we don’t keep that many, we eat ice cream almost every night. So maybe this is my one thing that would make the biggest difference in my health.

For you, it could be meal planning, joining a gym, or taking your bike out a few days a week.

3. What one thing in your finances?

Finances and food have one thing in common; everyone knows what to do, but few do what they know. Like food, our spending is driven by behavior, not knowledge.

So what is your one thing that if you started to do, would make the biggest difference in your finances? Is it starting to make a budget, opening an IRA, or cutting some excess expenses out of your budget?

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to financial freedom, check out this post.

Don’t get bogged down with changing everything, that you end up changing nothing. There are a few essential changes that if you make them will give you tremendous results.

Once you decide what needs to be changed, find something and someone to keep you accountable. First, have personal accountability by creating a life plan, and secondly, find a trusted friend to hold you to your commitments. If you are looking for even greater accountability in your personal and professional life, consider using the services of a coach.

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