tilted boat

When many people fail, it seems to knock the wind out of them. While none of us like to fail, we can grow from it.

Being a twin, I always had a friend growing up. We would share birthdays, ride bikes down to the nearest video store, and play together.

I remember our sixteenth birthday; my brother, Jason, and I were excited to take our driving license test and get some freedom from our parents.

So there we were on our way to the DMV, and I was driving my brothers 1989 white Ford Taurus. My brother drove my stepdad’s 1993 two-tone F-150. Everything was looking up until I made a pretty bad mistake. On the way to the DMV, I crashed my brother’s car into my step dad’s truck. Happy Birthday to us.

That was a tough day for my brother and I. Both of us failed our test, and I felt like I let everyone down. While I did not give up on driving, I did learn from that experience that there can be silver linings in failure.

1. You can learn in failure.

We all learn things along the way, and it goes the same with failure. When doing something that does not work we can learn from it.

Instead of putting ourselves down for failure, we can ask ourselves what we can do better the next time.

2. You can increase self-awareness in failure.

Sometimes you may feel like you are on top of the world and God’s gift to mankind. Then with a simple mistake, you realize that you are also a work in progress just like everyone else.

Self-awareness is huge in family and work life. There are things about ourselves we may only be able to find out through trial and error.

3. You can grow in perseverance in failure.

When you fail, it is not the time to give up trying new things. If Thomas Edison would have given up his first attempt to create a working light bulb, it would be a dark world.

You will not succeed at everything you attempt to do, but that is not a reason to not try new things. Without perseverance, you may never find out the things you were created to do.

Maybe there is something that you have given up on recently. Alternatively, you have decided to play it safe in life because of a fear of failure. While I am not advocating for reckless behavior, I will leave you with this quote:

“A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it is built for.”