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5 Ways To Be a Blessing to Your Wife Everyday

When family life is going well, it seems to help every other area, the opposite is true as well.

I have come to the end of many nights, and wondered, “Where did I go wrong?” My wife is an amazing woman, but I can tell when I have left her feeling less than blessed.

When my wife is left feeling less than blessed, it really bothers me. My desire is for my wife to always feel cared for and special. I know I have a responsibility to love my wife, however my decisions don’t always give that desired outcome.

As a husband, I have a mandate to be a giver to my family. The apostle Paul coined this phrase, “For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up His life for her.” So I need to be intentional at giving to my wife.

Here are five simple things you can do to help show love to your wife:
1. Leave margin for her to talk. I realize my wife needs more time to talk then I do. She needs to have a chance to decompress from her day, and one of the greatest things I can do is simply to give her a listening ear. I need to learn to follow what James, Jesus’ brother said,” You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.”

Just leaving space for my wife to talk everyday, can do a lot of good for her heart. Schedule some time each night to allow her to discuss her day.

2. Be part of the team, everyday, when you get home. When you get home from work your day is not done. In fact, you have come home to your more important job, your family.

It is not normal for me to come home and immediately engage- talking with everyone, getting dinner on the table, helping with homework, etc. Since being ready to engage with my family, right when I get home, may not be natural, I have set up some reminders for myself.

  •  I have set up an IF recipe, that sends me a text message when I get home that says, “You are home now, unplug from all other distractions. The rest of the world can live without you tomorrow, but your family can’t.” (If you don’t want to use that app, set up a reminder that goes off each day at the approximate time you get home.)
  •  I sometimes change my clothes- when you go work or the gym, you wear certain clothes which prepares you for the activity you are about to embrace, why not do the same at home? Yes this is quirky, but it helps me.

When we get home we need to be all in- ready to engage, and be a leader by the examples we set.

3. Let your first impression be awesome. When you walk through the door be positive and intentional at acknowledging your family. Give your wife a hug and kiss, and say hi to your children.

This is way better than coming in, talking on your phone, and giving a quick wave while you walk away from them. If you need to finish a conversation, take a minute to do so before walking in the house.

4. Send your wife some love during the day. A simple text message can go a long way in saying that you are thinking of her. Remember you pursued your wife passionately when you were dating,  so you shouldn’t stop after you’re married. If you need a little boost in your marriage, I encourage you to re-read this post regularly and implement it.

5. Lead your family spiritually. God has designed men to be the spiritual leader of the family. For our family, we simply have a short devotional after dinner and read a portion of scripture to the children at bedtime. Once your children are in bed, you can take a moment and pray with your wife. It is much harder for a couple to fight against each other, when they are praying together.

In order to lead your family spiritually, you need to be leading yourself. If you need help getting in the habit of having a daily personal devotional time, then read this post.

You have maybe heard the saying, “Happy wife, equals happy life,” I believe most husbands see truth in this statement. As husbands, we are to lead the way by showing love and care for our wives.

Being intentional in these few small things, can go a long way to bless your wife. If you do these five things, I believe you will leave your wife’s heart full of love.

What habit can you begin to do today to bless your wife? What else can you add to this list?


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